Foam Groove Sled

Foam Groove Sled

Our patented foam groove sled when attached to a hot knife. It can be used in the construction industry to cut EPS insulation boards used in EIFS, SIPS and ICF. It cuts foam faster and cleaner. Free of mess with no beads or dust deposits.

Our patented groove sled has a built-in straight edge guide to give the operator a free hand, eliminating the need to use a ruler to support the tool.

A foam groove sled holds a pre-formed blade which is attached to a hot knife to melt strips of EPS insulation boards, creating a controlled groove.

The left side of the groove sled has a fixed blade holder which provides a fixed cutting margin eliminating the need to measure the cutting margin every time the groove size changes.

It cuts foam groove size up to 6″ widths.
It holds Flat Blade size 316 ” x 132 “.

Sled Installation PDF Download

Cutting Foam Groove for EIFS Video

EIFS Groove Sled
$69.00 USD